The Process

We aim to turn your ideas for your dream home into reality in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Our design and construction management expertise removes the costly and time-consuming tasks of appointing separate designers, project managers and builders.

The basic design and construction process will be:

  1. An initial consultation with you allows us to understand your requirements and ideas and assess the site. Our designer will then begin to incorporate these ideas into an initial concept design, estimating costs until a final proposal is agreed upon.
  2. DA drawings, plans and all documentation are provided for the client should they wish to proceed.
  3. All necessary documentation and plans are submitted to council for DA approval.
  4. Once approval has been granted structural drawings are finalised and finish specifications are chosen.
  5. A detailed quote is prepared.
  6. A Construction certificate is then obtained and work can commence.

Already Have Your Own Plans..?

If you already have your own plans, please ring us and we can provide you with:

  1. A detailed quote for construction
  2. If required, obtain the necessary council DA approval and Construction certificate
  3. Then, commence work on your project



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