Choosing The Right Builder

Embarking on any construction project, no matter how large or small, can be a daunting task. There are a variety of approaches to design and construction, each with its benefits and drawbacks.Choosing the best approach suited to your project is critical in achieving a successful outcome that:

  • Falls within your budget
  • Is delivered on time; and
  • Makes the design/construction process as smooth and stress-free as possible

There are many different approaches to design and construction from which to choose and literally hundreds of companies, but for any project to be successful it is vital that the client's budget and desired outcomes be established and adhered to. The design must be affordable, meet the client's needs and wants and make effective use of your land and any environmental factors.

When researching your choices it is very important that you understand exactly what you will be getting for your money. Whilst the "cheapest price" can be very attractive, you need to be aware that it may come at a cost - for example more limitations on design choice, lower standards of fittings, finishings and inclusions. There may also be substantial additional "extras" on any modifications made to the design.

Project Home Builders: The "One Size Fits All" Approach

Whilst undeniably popular, project home builders offer a more "one size fits all" approach to design and construction with a limited set of pre-designed home plans from which to choose. Project builders operate more on "factory production line" principles, buying bulk quantities of building materials in order to produce large volumes of very similar building designs. Their projects have a uniform look to them with only slight variations in colour scheme or external materials.

Most project designs cater for flat, rectangular blocks and these may not match your individual requirements, design preferences or make the best use of the aspect or shape of your land. Modifications are usually limited to room size and standard of fittings and inclusions. Project builders simply aren't able to accommodate design changes as they operate on price point.

The amount of personalised service you receive from Project builders can also vary considerably. They usually appoint a Supervisor to overseer your project who may or may not be a builder. Due to the high volume of homes being built simultaneously this Supervisor may be managing several sites at once, not just yours. You may find that you have very little opportunity to discuss your project face to face on site and communication is primarily with the administrative office.

Engaging an Independent Designer and Local Builder: The Traditional Approach

With this approach, the client engages the services of each profession separately. Firstly a design team liases with the client to develop the project design. Once the design and council approval process have been successfully completed, a builder is then contacted to provide detailed costings. If the costings are accepted, the builder is then contracted to carry out the construction.

Although seemingly straightforward, this approach does have its pitfalls.

Designing and constructing any project requires major ongoing coordination between Designer, Engineer, Architect and Builder. This can prove to be a mammoth task for anyone trying to achieve an equal balance of design, quality, budget and on-time completion.

In addition to this, a design may take months to fully develop and gain council approval. Many people have then faced the frustrating discovery that, once the design is costed by the builder, it falls way beyond their budget and is simply not a feasible option. The project may either be shelved or design redevelopment begins all over again.

Why Choose Us? The Single Solution

For a design and contruction project to be truly successful there needs to be a fully coordinated approach between Designer and Builder.

Wakeman Constructions offers this "single solution" to your project needs.

By providing both a design and construction service there is a fully integrated team providing a single point of communication and responsibility. You don't need to arbitrate between parties. Wakeman Constructions can develop a design for you that simultaneously meets your desired outcomes, within budget and on schedule. We take care of the entire Council Approval Process for you. Our experience and knowledge of compliance issues and approval requirements streamlines this whole process, reducing "waiting time" and the administrative burden on you.

Our design and construction personnel work and communicate as one team, providing ongoing evaluation of both materials and methods at each stage of the process. This coordinated approach eliminates costly and timewasting redesigns.

We can also estimate construction costs as the design is being developed, so you are able to make decisions and modifications from the outset.

Already have your own designs?

If you already have your own designs, Wakeman Constructions is more than happy to work in with your current architect design team. We offer the same full project coordination and outstanding quality of service. If your existing design requires development approval we can take care of that too!


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